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No Outside Food Allowed

We are no longer allowing you to bring your own food. No more coolers and picnic baskets please.


We do not have a restaurant, but we do have snacks to enjoy with your wine. We hope you will enjoy our cheese and charcuterie, dips and chips, cookies, and soft pretzels. We now offer flatbreads, paninis, and small sandwiches in addition to seasonal fare. Thank you so much for complying and working with us to create an even better Cavender Creek Vineyards experience!

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No Outside Alcohol

Absolutely NO outside alcohol allowed on the premises. Please do not bring any alcohol not purchased in our tasting room onto our property. This is Georgia State Law and places our license in jeopardy.

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No Pets Please

Please do not try to pass your pet off as service dog. Fake service dogs can hurt the reputation and acceptance of legitimate service dogs and the disabled persons who truly need those dogs to assist them.


We have service dogs in here all the time and we know what they look like. If your dog does not look like a service dog, we will ask you to take it to your car (with the car running and the air-conditioning on, of course!) or come back when you don't have your pet with you. Emotional support animals are not recognized by the ADA and are not allowed here. There are reasons why we have these rules in place. Thank you for complying.

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