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When Raymond Castleberry was planting and watering the vines, he lived on the property in a single-wide mobile home that was here when he bought it. He removed the wheels underneath and built a new foundation to stabilize the dilapidated structure.


Before his wife, Donna, would move in with him (she was still teaching—Raymond retired before she did), Raymond had to make the space a little homier. He added the living room and another bedroom that was bigger than the existing one, complete with two closets!


This cottage has been the Winemaker’s Cottage because historically, the winemaker lived here. But a few of us have spent several months living there while waiting to move into our permanent homes, so we feel a little sentimental about it.


In 2019, Claire decided to add it to our rental offerings. It was fixed up with a little shiplap, white paint, and old furniture to give it a very cozy, cottage-y feel. It has two bedrooms with queen beds and one small bathroom. But it has a full-size kitchen with modern appliances.

Cottage View of Vines.jpeg
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